Saint-Gobain Gyproc® Drywalls take lesser time, is easier to install and requires less labour as compared to any other conventional methodologies such as brick/block. Gyproc® Drywalls provide excellent sound insulation and superior fire-resistant properties. Among other advantages, Drywalls result in significant structural cost savings, as it is much lighter than conventional brick/block systems. Gyproc® India has developed strong technical capabilities with its centralized design team to support you with cost and performance-optimized drywall solutions for your projects.

How does Drywall enhance well-being in your home?
  • Improve indoor occupant comfort with fire protection, acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Enable flexible home spaces with home partitioning capabilities to improve comfort
  • Elevate home aesthetics with smooth wall surfaces
Saint-Gobain Advantages
Drywall gypsum plasters
Genuine Gyproc Products that last a lifetime
Gypsum plasters drywall
Gyproc-trained Contractors for flawless execution
Customised interior products
Customised design to sync with your home's interiors
Gypsum plasters drywall
Well-managed Site to ensure a hassle-free experience
Saint Gobain drywall delivery on time
On-time Delivery with no delays
Product Range
GypWall Classic is the industry’s original lightweight non-loadbearing drywall partition system, providing cost-effective, multi-purpose solutions suitable for all types of buildings.
Twin frame high performance acoustic wall system.
GypWall Quiet is a lightweight, non-loadbearing, twin framed acoustic separating wall, often used in developments such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools where a high level of acoustic performance is required to either meet or exceed Building Regulations.
Durable impact resistant partition system
GypWall Robust is a highly impact-resistant partition system for use where a more durable solution is required. All GypWall Robust systems utilise Gyproc DuraLine board to give enhanced levels of resistance to damage from everyday occurrences, such as school bags being knocked against corridor walls as pupils move from one lesson to the next. As a result, the system provides a lightweight, non-loadbearing partition ideal for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings that experience high levels of human traffic.
GypWall Hydro is our highly recommended system that has developed for every needs of moisture area. Do you want your bathroom walls are quickly damaged by water? We bet you don't. That's why we develop GypWall Hydro as the answer. The system is completed using our strong moisture resistant board with extra protection that very suitable to applied in every moisture area. It has the functionality yet the design flexibility that allows the system to be decorated with other finishing material such as marble, ceramic tiling, or even wallpaper.
GypWall for fire resistance is an excellent wall system with maximum fire rated performance. The system is suitable to apply in wide range application where fire resistance performance is required
Product Benefits
Dry construction
Dry construction
Zero ghosting with premium lacquered glass
High-speed construction
High-speed installation
3-4X faster than masonry construction
Fire protection
Up to 4 hours
Drywall comfort
Indoor comfort
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Flexibility of multi-space partitioning
Flexible partitions allow for space repurposing
Gypsum plasters
Lightweight construction
Compared to regular construction
Eco-friendly drywall
Low impact of greenhouse gases
How to get drywall solutions in your home?
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